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This is Me.

I am currently undertaking a Secondary PGCE in Music in the hope that I shall be able to pass on some of the magic of music that has been gifted to me over the years.

I live in a quiet rural hamlet, surrounded by countryside and green-ness, places to walk and bike. I am a lover of flowers, gardening and watching things grow. I’d rather watch the birds than the TV and love to sit outside with a book on a sunny day. I also love to walk around the garden in the rain.

I play the ‘cello and piano and enjoy an assortment of things, from little buttons to big hugs, hardback books to scarves, striped socks to collecting shells. I have added some of my photos as a little pictorial summary of what it is to be me!



2 thoughts on “Me

  1. You live in a such a beautiful surrounding,nature. I currently live in a busy city in the US and I’m looking to relocate into a more nature oriented location. I love your blog and your gratitude toward your experiences. My name is Dacia,nice to meet you.


    1. Lovely to meet you too, Dacia. I am very luck to live where I live – I don’t think I could survive in a city! I hope that you find a nice nature spot to move to. It does make a difference being able to connect with the natural things in life. 🙂 Thank you so much for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

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