Last Sunday my brother and I went to pick up the latest addition to our family. Ginny. A (then) 8 1/2 week old Show Type Cocker Spaniel.

The morning after I moved back to my parents’ house my mum came and got into bed with me, asked if I was ok, and told me that she was thinking of going to get me a puppy. As someone who has always wanted a puppy, this was a pretty euphoric moment. However, I had 7 weeks left of my degree and had only written a fraction of my 4 projects. If we had brought home a puppy at that point, I probably wouldn’t have completed my course!

Fast forward to now. My degree is finished. I’ve lived in a disconcerting limbo for the past 6 weeks, and my results come through on Tuesday. (TUESDAY. Yes, my friends – TUESDAY. I am not freaking out at all.) So in the midst of the angst and calendar-watching, Ginny has been just what I needed. As with all babies, routine is important and we are now settling into a comfortable rhythm, getting to know each other and having lots of fun in the process. She loves food (fits right in with this food-loving family) and enjoys biting your toes when you’re not looking. Her favourite place is a patch of long grass in the garden that used to have a lovely scattering of daisies in the middle, and that we always sentimentally mow around in the Summer. Needless to say, the daisies are pretty squashed, but it is very endearing to see her carry her toys and treats to this spot. (How much confusion will be caused when we eventually mow the grass down?!)

Her first two nights involved a lot of howling and sleep deprivation. I was completely unaware of how heart-wrenching the sound of a puppy crying for its siblings is. Honestly – how can sounds like that come from an animal? Anyway, by night 4 she’d settled and her puppy pen didn’t look like it had been napalmed in the morning. This morning, I practically had to wake her up rather than the other way round. This, I’m sure, is a good sign!

Ginny has been just what I needed. She’s fulfilling my need to love and care for someone, and is giving me something to focus on. She’s reminding me to laugh and smile, to not take everything so seriously. We will, I know, become the very best of friends and I am excited for the adventures I’ll have with my new four-legged friend. It seems that this really is true:


I’ll leave you with some photos, because who doesn’t like photos of baby animals being cute?


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