Films and Friendships

Today I’m grateful for films and friendships!

I haven’t felt much like blogging recently, what with sitting in front of the computer all day every day, but I’m still alive! šŸ™‚

Over the weekend I bought 2 new films, one on the back of a recommendation, the other because I’d read the book. They were Little Miss Sunshine and Still Alice, respectively, and were both thoroughly enjoyable! (Follow the links to get the blurb if you don’t already know what they’re about.)

Little Miss Sunshine is definitely a comedy, but there are some really heart-wrenching scenes, sensitive themes, and poignant moments. Still Alice, on the other hand gives a startling insight into life with early-onset Alzheimers disease. As you’d expect, the subject matter is complex and deeply affecting, but Julianne Moore plays the protagonist astonishingly well. I felt that it was a particularly good adaptation of the book, although I do have issues taking Alec Baldwin seriously after his role inĀ Thomas and the Magic Railroad, where he played the (politically-corrected) Mr Controller. Extensive exposure to Thomas The Tank as a child, thanks to my lovely brother, means that I have real difficulty seeing Alec Baldwin as anything but The Fat Controller!

I am also supremely grateful for my wonderful friends, who are keeping me sane during these weeks of madness. My hand-in is 2 weeks from today and IĀ continually fluctuate from “I can do this” to “OH MY DAYS! *Panic*” Fortunately, I have awesome buddies in the same boat and a few times a day we check in with each other and make sure we’re all still alive/sane/awake/well. My brother made me a cup of tea when he returned from work today and listened to my incoherent wittering about things I need to do, for when, and how close I am to achieving said things. (Overall: Not close enough!) I also had some excellent advice and guidance yesterday from my lovely friend (Miss History PhD) who helped me out when I was panicking out about writing introductions, conclusions, abstracts and acknowledgements. (Thank you bean!)

So yes, amongst the craziness and moments of sadness, I am finding things to be grateful for. As ever, I am most thankful the awesome human beings in my life. You know who you are, and you are just fabulous. ā¤

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