Sunshine and Smiles

Today I’m glad for sunshine and smiles. đŸ™‚

It was a glorious day today! The sun was out, the sky was blue, and it really felt as if Spring had sprung! I had a lecture in the afternoon and had to deliver a 15 minute presentation, which went as well as I’d hoped. 2 of my lovely friends aced theirs too, which is always a great feeling. I’d made muffins since it was our last lecture ever (sad-face), so we all sat and ate those once we’d finished and discussed the presentations as a class.

Four of us then went for a walk in the woods and it felt so indulgent to just sit and talk for a while. We laughed so much that my cheeks hurt! Despite it being less than a month until we hand in our work and finish third year, I felt weirdly free… I am so looking forward to being done but there’s also a part of me that will miss being part of the music bubble. I’ll be attending the same university in September to do my PGCE (hopefully), but none of my friends will be there and I’ll only be on campus one day a week. This year has been such a contrast to my previous two, in lots of ways – good and bad. I will be strange indeed to finish this chapter and start a new one.

My evening was spent with another lovely friend and we had a nice, if fairly unproductive, sign language session. For the first time ever we arrived and left in the daylight, and my walk back to the car was actually rather therapeutic. The sun was setting and creating a lovely contre-jour effect against the trees. The world smelt fresh and new, if that’s possible. It was a good end to a positive day. Let’s hope tomorrow follows suit.

Hoping that the sun has shined for you, too.


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