New Rocking Chair

Today I’m grateful for a new rocking chair!

I’ve always loved rocking chairs but, until this week, have never had one. After I hand in all of my work in May I’m going to decorate my bedroom, so little by little I’m collecting new things to go in it. Obviously, this has its problems, as my room is already over-full, particularly with the boxes that I haven’t had time to unpack. They’re also mainly full of books and until we sort my room I don’t really have any bookshelves!

When I decorate I’m going for white all over (it’s a pretty dark room) with a feature wall in bright orange. Those of you who know me will know that my favourite colours are orange and yellow, so they’re both going to feature quite heavily in the new decor! The duvet cover is providing the overall colour palette and I’ll be going with the rustic, vintage, oldy-worldy look that I gravitate to. I was definitely born in the wrong era!

I bought the scrumptious green cushion today and couldn’t resist the wire basket pictured below. Not sure what I’ll eventually fill it with but my teddies (never too old) are currently making themselves comfy! All suggestions gratefully received. 🙂

Hope you’ve also had a nice Saturday!


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