Besties and Brahms

Today I’m grateful for besties and Brahms!

I started my day with a lovely 13 mile bike ride with Mum, which was scrumptious. Lots of lovely sunshine, blue sky and blossom… Surprisingly chilly but an excellent way to get Saturday going.

This afternoon I met up with one of my loveliest best friends and we had a scrumptious afternoon full of talking, good food, tea and a little bit of mooching. 🙂 I’d not seen her for a while so we had much to catch up on (including her recent trip to Iceland – lucky duck). It was a really super way to spend the latter half of the day. We also returned to her home to find that her mum had cycled over in our absence, so I got to have a catch up with her too!

I’m also feeling grateful for Brahms! I mentioned in my last post that I had been listening to his music lots over the Easter holiday, and I’m getting slightly addicted to his third symphony! It’s just so damn gorgeous! I’d also recommend giving this delicious canon a listen to – I play this at least once a day. So beautiful…

I also bought a new plant today, which makes me happy! I seem to be creating a miniature jungle in my room. Current plant total = 5 + 2 bunches of daffs.

Hope you have all also had a great Saturday… wishing you good a Sunday also.


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