Little Surprises

Today I’m grateful for little surprises!

I slept really badly last night and was feeling none too shiny as I walked into uni today. It was cold and windy – I wore a lighter coat having spent all of yesterday too hot, only to find that today was much chillier! Needless to say, I wasn’t in the best of moods.

Cue: a baby bunny. I’m sure you’ve got the jist by now… anything small and fluffy (or just generally a baby) gets a thumbs up from me. This little rabbit was sat having his/her breakfast by the side of the path and was 100% unfazed by my appearance. I thought that it would hop off as soon as I got closer (that’s what the bunnies in our garden would do) but it just carried on going about its business! I drew level with it and stopped, crouched down and took a couple of photos and a little video – still quite happy. It was only when I slowly stood to carry on that it scampered back underneath the holly bush!

So that little cutie put a smile on my face and I walked to the library feeling a little less sorry for myself! I had an ok day productivity-wise and got to see my lovely friends from yesterday again, so that was nice. Plus – pizza for tea! NOM.

Hope you’ve all had a good Friday too…


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