Good Friends

Today I’m grateful for good friends!

I ventured out of the house this morning and went off to uni to meet two of my loveliest friends. We had a super walk in the sunshine, under a sky of cloudless blue, and then followed it up with a naughty lunch. We had a good old natter, set the world to rights, and then settled down to some work.

I’m generally a solo worker – I do my best work when I’m on my own, somewhere quiet without distractions. However, I did added some more words to one of my projects and it felt good to talk to other people in the same situation. Each of us worry about our own capabilities, but we all have absolute faith in each other. I’m pretty sure that’s what makes a good friendship, though, at the end of the day. To have people who’ve got your back, no matter how you’re feeling about yourself… Thanks, guys. ❤

Hope you’ve all had a nice, sunny Thursday too. (Friday tomorrow – whee!)


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