New Plants

Today I’m grateful for new plans (and general greenery!)

I started my day with a chilly run. The sun was trying its very best to make the morning gorgeous, and the sky was a happy blue, streaked with clouds of various shades. Part of my run was very puddle-y so there was quite a lot of dodging the water and hopping up onto verges. I got stitch a few times and, as runs go, it wasn’t one of my best, but – I did it. And I didn’t give up and walk.

My work went fairly well – nothing overly awesome but I chipped away and brought the total word count for one of my 4 projects up to around 1000 (of 4000), so I was glad with that. And then this evening Mum and I took a trip to IKEA and bought, among other things, some new plants for my room. Sadly I misjudged the pot size (who doesn’t?!) but I still think they look pretty in the Orla Kiely pots I had for Christmas. We’re going to decorate my room soon to match my Orla duvet cover, so that’s exciting… Lots of white with pops of colour!

Really tired again tonight despite a better night’s sleep, so off to bed now… Hope Tuesday has treated you all well.


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