Today I’m grateful for freewheeling (on a bike, you understand!)

I’ve had yet another day at my desk today… The sun was out, the birds were singing and the baby bunnies were back on the front lawn. Needless to say inside was not where I really wanted to be! However, I got stuck in and had my most productive day yet (900 words – woop), which is surely proof that sunshine makes everything better.

Mum went to have her hair cut in the morning but when she returned we went off for a bike ride, which was super lovely. I’m hoping to get a new bike once I’ve handed all of my uni work in in May, so I tried hers out today. I’ve only ever had mountain bikes but will be investing in something better for road riding – road tyres make such a difference! 🙂

Off to have my eyes tested tomorrow morning and will do some sorting out in my room in the afternoon, so lots to be getting on with. Hope you’ve all had a lovely Friday…

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