Grateful Again

I’ve been going through a rough patch recently and haven’t felt like blogging, but this morning I felt that the time was right to pick it up again.

When you’re not in the happiest of places it’s often hard to find what you’re grateful for. All you see is negativity and, for me, this is often combined with lethargy and a general unwillingness to do anything that requires effort. I’m on my final leg of uni and have had loads of work to do, so I’ve had to push through and get things done. Write analyses, give a presentation, meet with my lecturers. Fortunately I have been exceptionally well supported and feel grateful – as always – for all of those who have shown me kindness when I needed it.

So recently I’ve been grateful for small pleasures. A good night’s sleep, watching baby bunnies play on the lawn, daffodils on my windowsill, new socks. I’m re-stabilising, revivifying and reminding myself to be thankful for all of the good. I’m looking forward to rejoining in the blog-sphere, too!

Wishing you all a great Wednesday.




2 thoughts on “Grateful Again

  1. You speak such truth! It can be so difficult to get out of a funk and remember the beauty around you. When you push yourself, like you did today, it can make such a difference and help to open the door to let positive energy in.


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