Surprise Cake

Today I’m grateful for surprise cake!

Around September/October last year I made shortbread and brought my friend a tupperware pot with some samples! Today she gave me the pot back and inside was a scrumptious piece of chocolate cake that she’d brought all the way from home after her mum’s birthday.

Following her advice I warmed it slightly in the microwave, then stood in the kitchen and savoured each mouthful! Mmm, it was good, especially after a long day involving a lot of brain power.

I had a good tutorial today, however, and received lots of constructive feedback on an analysis I’d done. I was really worried that it wasn’t particularly great so it was a relief to be told that it was good and to receive advice on how to improve it. Phew.

It’s all a bit full on at the moment and blogging is starting to take a back seat, but I’m trying my best to keep up with it. 🙂 Hope your week has started well…

Day 8 Blog


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