Tick Tock – New Clock

Today I’m grateful to have a new clock!

When we got the new fridge last week I moved my radio from my office/workspace where it rarely got used (I can’t work with noise), to the kitchen so that I can listen when I’m making tea. However, the radio was the only clock in the room and I’ve been glancing at the empty space where used to stand ALL week and driving myself crazy!

Isn’t it weird what our brains get up to? When I moved from home #1 to home #2 I took the clock I had in my bedroom and put it in our new bedroom. However, I still look for it in my old bedroom and had to put a clock there recently because I was having the same stir-crazy issues!

To rectify this I got a new clock today – huzzah! It’s small and cute and chrome and fits on the base of my desk lamp perfectly. It isn’t in the same place as the radio so I’m going to need to retrain my brain to look for the clock in its new location (or, failing that, just move the clock!) Who knew moving 1 object in your home could cause so many issues?!

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