Laughter and Books

Today I’m grateful for laughter and books!

It’s felt like a really long day today, so this is going to be short and sweet!

I’ve listened to Susan Calman’s ‘Keep Calman Carry On‘ for the last few weeks on my way home from choir and it’s truly hilarious. The description from the BBC website reads, “Susan Calman tries to learn how to unwind by immersing herself in pursuits that her friends find relaxing.” What it doesn’t say is that these pursuits tend to be things that Susan finds anything but relaxing and it’s this that makes it particularly funny. The way the tells the stories, along with audio clips from the day, makes it such a great listen. If you have a spare 30 minutes, check it out. It might not be for you but I urge you to go and see, just on the off chance. Laughter is super important whether you’re feeling happy or sad, so let’s make it happen!

It’s also World Book Day today so I’m sharing the photo on the right to celebrate that fact! These are the books I’m currently using for my dissertation and 3 individual study projects (half dissertations), and have never been so surrounded by non-fiction before! Between you and me I’ll be a little bit glad when they’re tucked up in the library again and I can get back to fiction…

Hope you have had good days, folks. Friday tomorrow! You made it!


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