Fountain Pens

Today I’m grateful for fountain pens!

Sometimes, you’re just grateful for the little things. This week has been a toughie and I’ve not been in the best frame of mind. I came to blog today and really had to look for the thing I was grateful for…I also saw the date of my last post (29th) and thought I’d somehow lost 3 days, but then I remembered it was February and thus a short month! Phew.

So, fountain pens. I’ve always enjoyed writing with an ink pen, whether that’s a fountain pen or a rollerball, and really can’t stand a ballpoint. I’ll write in any colour except blue (I’m only just happy with the turquoise in the Lamy Vista on the far left, but it matches my diary and Calm book so it was a must!) From L-R in the photo I have the Lamy Vista just mentioned; Lamy Al-Star in purple with purple Lamy ink; Limited Edition Lamy Safari in orange with black Lamy ink; TWSBI Eco in white with Herbin Orange Indien ink; then 2 Lamy Logos with Herbin 1670 Anniversary ink in Stormy Grey and Emerald of Chivor.

I’ve given you links to all of these pens and inks, should you be interested. My UK-based online stationery shop of choice would undoubtedly be Bureau Direct. Their prices are continually excellent and competitive, the postage is low (free over £10) and the staff are lovely. If you have a question before you buy they’ll give you great advice, and if you have any issues with an order then they’ll sort you out ASAP. I also like The Journal Shop (good if you’re a Midori fan). For the TWSBI I linked you to The Writing Desk (also exemplary service and low prices) as Bureau don’t stock TWSBI.

But back to gratitude… When I read books and articles for uni – which generally ends up being most of the day, every day at the moment – I like to take notes or transcribe passages. It’s always a pleasure to pick my pen of choice and just enjoy the process of writing. Sure, it takes longer than photocopying pages and highlighting, but it’s much more enjoyable. I like seeing the gold particles glint in the light when I write with the Herbin Anniversary ink, and I don’t even mind when I get to teatime and have little patches of colour on my fingers. (Just to put it out there – the TWSBI is the only fountain pen I’ve ever used without getting inky fingers…it happens really infrequently for me.)

Sometimes it’s the small things. Fountain pens. Hot soup for lunch. Random snow showers. Sun coming in through the window… Sometimes you have to search for your gratitude, but it’s always worth the effort.

Hoping you all have good tomorrows, folks. 🙂

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