A Woodland Walk

Today I’m grateful for a woodland walk!

I’m fortunate to go to a university that is set in beautiful grounds. We are overrun with wonderful wildlife, from squirrels to ducks to robins that sing as you walk to your lectures. Obviously, it’s not like a scene from Snow White, there are parts of the campus that are just plain ugly, and the squirrels’ habit of foraging in the bins for old chips is both amusing and a bit too rat-esque for comfort!

However, today I took myself off for a walk in the woods, skirting around the lakes and taking in the peace. The various streams were burbling down to the lower lakes and the woods were alive with natural activity. I didn’t see another soul until I was making my way back towards campus, so it was a time for peaceful reflection and mental ease. As I was on the return leg of my walk a beautiful young dog (possibly a Cockerpoo) bounded out of the trees, lethargically followed by his/her owner. He came bouncing down the path and then stopped dead in front of me, giving me a cursory sniff before carrying on his way.

Sometimes it’s good to take yourself away from the hubbub of routine and do something out of the ordinary. I certainly enjoyed my little amble and will make sure I allow time for another trip in the coming weeks…

Hoping your Monday has also been a positive one.

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