New Fridge

Today I’m grateful for our new fridge!

We’ve been using an under-counter fridge and freezer since we moved in to our new house in October. They’re both tiny and it’s been a weekly battle to fit everything in, particularly when it comes to the fridge. We had an old fridge-freezer at the old house and a few weeks ago we moved it from my parents’ house (where it had been in storage) to ours. However, it decided that it had really had enough and gave up on us, which meant that we had to buy a new one.

Fortunately the guys at took the old one away for free and this evening we’ve been able to transfer our stuff over. There’s so much room in there I feel like we could have a party! The food that filled the tiny fridge to capacity is rattling around in the new fridge-freezer. 🙂 I had fun putting our Scrabble letters on it along with the cute Pinocchio card that Mum and Dad gave us when we moved in to our old house. It lived on our old fridge from day one and the kitchen didn’t feel right without it!

With a bit of luck the landlord will be taking the two tiny appliances away this week and then we can move the dishwasher – which is currently serving as the world’s most obtrusive coffee table – into the space left behind. WOOP! Things are moving on, folks, slowly but surely…

So that’s about as exciting as today got, really! I had a lovely day shopping with my mum yesterday and it was good to catch up and set the world to rights (even though I saw her on Friday, of course!) I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend, too.

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