Today I’m grateful for my lovely mum!

At midday today I got a text from her and within it was this: ‘Thought I might bring you some lunch if you fancy?’ ❤ Anyone who offers to bring me food/cook for me is a gem in my book, but obviously Mum gets special honours in that department. She is a great cook, as I’ve said numerous times before, so I leapt at the chance.

The chap across the road had just decided to get his chainsaw out and hack down a tree, so needless to say my productivity was taking a nosedive. I was hungry, headachy and generally grouchy, so I asked Mum if I could come and camp out at home #1 instead. She said yes, naturally, so I packed up my small library of books, gathered my notes and Macbook and headed out the door.

Not only had Mum made scrumptious soup, she’d also baked carrot cake. I’m a sucker for pretty much any kind of cake (coffee and ginger being on the lower end of the list, but I’d definitely still eat it) and I’ve acquired all of my baking skills from my mum. She also let me have one of the many Easter eggs that she has already started stocking up on (I’ll put money on 80% of them being eaten before Easter) and just generally looked after me. I was über grateful.

I also got to see and get hugs off my fab father and lovely loon of a brother. It turned my day right round and I was super glad of it. We’ve just had a big tea, I’m really full and although my headache is ongoing (I think from the absurd amounts of reading I’m currently doing) I have much to be thankful for.

Have a nice weekend folks. Be safe and happy.

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