Today I’m grateful for people!

Some days the people around you are what you’re most grateful for. Today was one of those days. It started with a piano lesson with my super lovely piano teacher, whose kindness and general acceptance that my practice time is limited makes lessons even more fun. Each time I go we do something different and she makes me leave my comfort zone and tackle something that I’m not particularly good at, thus making me better. I gave her some help with her iPhone last week so she didn’t even charge me for my lesson, which was very generous of her.

I then had a tutorial at uni as I needed a bit of help planning and structuring my workload. With exam revision I had a weekly plan and allocated time for each module, and I had carried that system over into this semester. However, that can quite often result in spending a lot of time reading or transcribing, and you don’t have anything particularly concrete to show for it. You can also, as my lecturer said, end up forcing yourself to do something that you’re not really in the mood for but you’re sticking to the plan and that’s supposedly what matters! Anyway, she suggested making a check-list rather than a timetable as this would have the pleasing advantage of visually confirming that you had accomplished something. I’m usually a list person and once she’d said it it seemed glaringly obvious, but sometimes you just need a fresh perspective!

Tuesday night is Sign Language night, and I always have tea with a friend beforehand. We always laugh so much that our cheeks hurt and today was no exception! There’s a glorious full moon tonight and as we were walking to the class, she suddenly exclaimed, “Is that the moon?” with stunned sincerity. It was hanging like a glowing artificial orb above the Students’ Union and looked huge. We also had amusing discussions about squirrels, chinchillas and babies. 98% of it comes under the ‘you had to be there’ heading so I won’t bore you with the details! Suffice to say it was a good evening. 🙂

I also received a Facebook post from one of my best friends (Miss History PhD) telling me that she’d been looking at one of our favourite websites from yesteryear – Hazel Bee. Hazel Bee make cards (among other things) and, as far as we’re concerned they’re totally hilarious. It brought back great memories of us trawling through the website and laughing until we cried, causing us to become borderline hysterical and late for choir. It really depends on your sense of humour and you might look at the site with a sense of bewilderment… If that’s the case, don’t worry! We’re pretty quirky individuals.

Ah, people are just the best! There are a lot of people in the world who you really wouldn’t want in your life, and there are even those who you find yourself in close proximity with and you’d rather not be. We only ever seem to hear about bad people, disasters and unhappiness on the news. But there are so many excellent folk out there and their souls shine bright in this world. I find that in life you get back what you give out, and if you’re kind and cheerful as much as you can be then you reap the benefits twofold.

I’ve just reached that point where I’ve written/read ‘people’ so many times that it no longer looks like a word… Time for bed! Adieu!

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