Today I’m grateful for productivity!

A productive day is a good day. At the moment I have 4 different projects for uni that are running alongside each other, and they all have the same deadline. Typically I’m the type of person who focuses on one thing at a time. I like to give a task my fullest possible attention and make sure it’s done well, and then I tackle the next. However, my usual approach isn’t really feasible with these projects and it’s taking quite a bit of mental energy to balance them.

Some days I feel like I work really hard and achieve next to nothing. I feel frustrated and worry that I’m not doing enough, or that I’m not doing what I’m doing particularly well. On these days I am particularly grateful for the belief that other people have in me, and their kindness means a great deal. But today was a good one and I steadily chipped away on one of my projects. I didn’t move mountains or write anything, but at least I got to teatime and didn’t feel like my day had been a waste! I’m also very grateful that I was saved the chore of cleaning, vacuuming and ironing… big brownie points for my other half!

Sunday nights are usually spent watching Call the Midwife, which my partner grudgingly endures! It’s a programme I love – for the issues it tackles, for the babies, and because of the era in which its set. I’ve always felt a little temporally displaced and am drawn to things that are old and nostalgic. 🙂

I hope that you’ve all had lovely weekends and are all set for the week ahead.

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