Magical Forests

Today I’m grateful for magical forests!

We were Green Laning in Wales again today and, amongst the wind and endless rain, we got to enjoy some scrumptious scenery. From carpets of snowdrops and delightfully quaint cottages, to magical woodlands and rushing streams, we saw some really beautiful sights.

My dream house would be situated in a forest or wood. It would be made from timber or stone (or a combination of both) and be a perfect mix of traditional and modern. Hopefully there would be a little stream nearby and I would plant barrow-loads of snowdrops, daffodils, crocus and bluebells so that I could collect little posies from the garden. I’d have bookshelves in every room (a library if I could wangle it) and lots of conveniently placed squishy armchairs for when you need a perch for a bookish perusal. I’d like a music room with a shiny new piano and space for our ‘cello babies. The living room would have a wood-burner – which the dog would curl up in front of – and sofas that were just made for lounging on. The kitchen would need to be roomy but cosy with a scrubbed wooden table, rustic shaker-style cabinets and a stable-door out into the garden. I’d open the top half on spring mornings and let all of the delicious woodland smells inside…

There would have to be a window seat somewhere – perhaps upstairs with a good view overlooking the creaking trees.  In the bathroom there would be a claw-footed bath for long soaks, candles in abundance, and those lovely old fashioned radiators all over the place (no underfloor heating for me, thanks…what are you supposed to lean against when you’re cold?) I’d like a sleigh bed with plenty of room for star-fishing, and a generous bedside cabinet for my stack of ‘books-to-be-read’. A big wardrobe would also be a must – I have never had enough space for my clothes and if I’m going for ‘dream house’ here, let’s sort out the storage up front! Ooo, and perhaps a little office tucked away somewhere… I’m thinking a nice chunky desk, cubby holes for all of my essential stationery, a comfy chair and star-spangled curtains. Who could say no to star-spangled curtains? Maybe in a nice floaty voile? Mmm, yes. Oh, and bookshelves and lots of places to tidy things away.

This all sounds rather perfect. When can I move in?!

Hope you’ve all had a super Saturday!


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