New Gloves

Today I’m grateful for new gloves!

My old ones had a hole in the thumb and while they were very pretty and striped, they weren’t overly warm (especially not with a hole). So I bit the bullet and bought some North Face ones, which were thankfully in the sale! I’m rather excited by the fact that they’ll work with my iPhone so that I don’t have to take my gloves off to use my phone/iPod, which is handy. They’re also going to be much warmer…

We’re off Green Laning tomorrow so I shall be able to give them a thorough test drive. Today has been spent working in between helping my partner fit a cubby box in his Land Rover. If anyone asks you to help them fit a cubby box to a Land Rover in the future, just say no, ok? Unless you love them a lot. Because it’s not fun, it’s not easy, and should really come with a disclaimer reading ‘This will make you swear’. But hey, it has now been fitted and we can put all of our belongings in there when we’re out and about, which saves them falling on the floor every time you go over a bump surface (which, when you’re Green Laning, is about every 30 seconds).

Hope you’ve all had a good day! Happy Weekend! *Throws confetti*

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