Good Grades

Today I’m grateful for getting good grades last semester!

It was results day today. There’s nothing worse than seeing that subject line: ‘Your semester one module results’. I’d just been helping my neighbour and piano teacher with some iPhone issues she’d been having and I checked my phone as I left. Lo and behold – the results were in. I hurried the last few yards back to my house, fumbled with the door key and toppled into the kitchen. Braced against the counter I took out my phone once more and opened up the enclosed document… Fortunately, my grades were good! Of my 3 modules I achieved a 1st in two of them and a 2:1 in the third. PHEW.

For about the next 30 minutes there was a flurry of messaging activity as everyone bubbled over about their marks. There seems to be a curious unspoken rule at university which states that you can discuss your results without actually revealing what they are. For example:

A: Results are out!
B: Argh, I know! Are you happy with them?
A: Yea, pretty pleased, thanks. You?
B: Yes, not bad! Thought I could have done better in module X but I’m pleased with my mark for module Y…

Etc. Etc. No one seems to say what their marks were in a particular module, but rather they express their level of contentment. It feels like a total contrast to school and sixth form when everyone shared and agonised over a few percentage points of difference! My friend and I discussed this over tea before sign language and it seems that it really is a university-wide thing. However, if you are on a different course to one of your friends then it seems acceptable to reveal the actual mark or classification. She and I, for example, are on different courses and we shared some of the results we’d had through. Perhaps it’s only acceptable if you are removed and unlikely to cause offence/upset/seem like you’re blowing your own trumpet…

Anyway. I am glad with what I got! I got through my exams well rather than just scraping by, and it was my exams that I was mostly anxious about. Huzzah for good grades! Just have to keep it up for the next few months and hopefully I’ll be fine. 🙂

Hope your Tuesdays have been good too!

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