Choir and Cake

Today I’m grateful for choir and cake!

Among the requirements for being accepted onto my PGCE course in September was the ‘suggestion’ that I join a choir or an orchestra. Obviously, it’s going to look bad if I don’t follow through with this ‘suggestion’ so this week I went along to one of the choirs we have at university.

I was part of a long-established choir before I came to university, so choral singing isn’t new to me and it’s something I generally enjoy. However, in my previous choir there were about 50-60 singers, whereas today there were about 10-15 – quite a reduction! However, it was really nice to sing again and it was good to sing something I knew inside out and back to front from singing it before – Mozart’s Ave Verum. It’s gorgeous, of course, and although I didn’t know and didn’t particularly take to the second piece we looked at, it felt good to be using my voice again. And afterwards…there was cake. Really. Nice. Cake. 10/10 for baking skills for one of the members!

Today I also had a really excellent lecture – the kind that you don’t want to end because the discussion could pretty much carry on all day! In particular, we discussed whether music has meaning and how we might think about that when we’re analysing music. It was so interesting how different people’s views were, even in the small class. There was a particular exercise (or experiment, our lecturer called it) where we heard a piece of music that none of us knew and once we’d listened to it we had to decide what emotion was being evoked. I said ‘love’ as my answer, and my lecturer said with utter certainty that love wasn’t an emotion, it was a state of being. We had a little (positive, of course) exchange about this and I went away ponderous. I’m going to allow my thoughts to ferment some more, but perhaps I shall write about it on here in a day or two. I feel somewhat compelled to get my thoughts down and perhaps see what other people think, should they like to respond!

Hope you have all had an excellent day also.


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