Mum’s Cooking

Today I’m grateful for Mum’s cooking!

Tonight I went over to home #1 and Mum made meatballs! I’m a pescatarian, so the idea of meatballs might sound really wrong, but these were Quorn ‘meatballs’ and the delicious sauce Mum makes to go with them is much more important. Rich, tomatoey, full of the veg I like and – best of all – lots of it! We had rice (with peas in, of course…I’m a total pea fiend) and cheese to top it all off. If this all sounds like a strange combo, please believe me when I say that it was actually truuuuuly scrumptious *cue the song* and the photograph doesn’t do it justice. Meatballs were my favourite meal pre-pescatarian days, so it’s nice that I can still have a variation on a theme. 🙂 After one of my less positive days it was so nice to just go home, talk to my people, make tea with Mum and just take some time out. Hurrah for wonderful families.

Hope your Wednesday has been a good one. We had sunshine again today! Whee!

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