A Good Day

Today I’m grateful for a good day!

That’s not to say that my days are generally bad, but today seems to have been especially good! It started with the sunshine, which was a pleasant change from the truly miserable day yesterday. I sat at my desk working this morning being warmed by the sun coming in through the window, feeling glad that I didn’t have to put the heating on. As a result I was really productive and I felt like I had achieved a lot, rather than being distracted and unfocused as I had been on Sunday.

After a long-winded drive into uni (due to road closures) I had a nice walk in and didn’t have to battle with wind and rain. I then had a positive meeting with one of my lecturers and received lots of constructive feedback for the submission I have on Friday. Afterwards I spent a good 90 minutes in the library getting reading done for a lecture on Thursday, and that went productively also! I am very much hoping that I can keep it up tomorrow. 🙂

Finally, I met up with my lovely friend who I attend sign language with and we had a good catch up and a really tasty dinner. Our session was good and we recapped numbers and the weather, the latter of which had all but disappeared from my memory so I was glad for the refresher! We also met someone new who had been abandoned by her friend in favour of pancakes, so we did some group work in a 3 and got to know her. People usually attend these things in twos or threes and it’s all too easy to stick to what (or who) you know rather than reaching out of your comfort zone, so it felt good to make contact with someone we’d not spoken to before.

My walk back was rain and wind free (an unexpected bonus) and I had a clear drive home. Clearly I was in receipt of some good vibes today!

I confess to wondering how to capture this whole day of goodness in one photograph, so here’s a little snippet! My project outline and the article I was reading for Thursday… Hope you’ve all had positive Tuesdays too!

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