Today I am super grateful for umbrellas!

I have something of an attachment to my umbrella and it’s taken on the form of a security blanket! I have quite a long walk from where I park my car at uni to the music block where my lectures take place, and with the current weather mainly consisting of rain, I get super twitchy if I forget my brolly. I’ve only forgotten it and been caught in the rain once, but that one time was enough to put me off a repeat experience…

I have a golfing-sized rainbow umbrella that I bought to replace the lovely musically-decorated one that died before Christmas. To give you an indication of size, it sheltered myself and three friends as we huddled in the cold post-lecture today! It rained for my whole 15 minute walk in this morning and only turned inside out once, so I felt super grateful for it (in amongst the annoyed-at-the-wind feelings I was having). I also wore my bright yellow wellies, so that was a pretty wild ride for a Monday!

Today’s #RockYourHandwriting challenge was your quote of the day, so I thought I’d try and combine my gratefulness with a much-loved quote. Huzzah! It’s so nice to take half an hour out to be creative. 🙂

I hope you all had a great Monday too and stayed safe and dry!

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