Today I’m grateful for Wi-Fi!

I have a PC that I use purely to play The Sims 4. It might sound a bit excessive but it was actually an unused PC of my partner’s that was gathering dust, so I gave it a few updates and voila – a gaming computer. In the past The Sims was a general failure on a Mac (Macs being my preference) so I stuck with the PC when The Sims 3 morphed into The Sims 4…

When Windows 10 arrived last Summer I updated it, which was probably a lousy choice in retrospect. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing! The PC was running on Windows 7/8 (can’t remember exactly) and it didn’t exactly love the upgrade. It’s slow to boot up, but generally I can live with it. Then last week they released an update and my wi-fi ceased to function.

I’m pretty tech-savvy but I was totally unable to fix it, so after a few frustrating hours this morning we made the decision to take it into a local computer shop. The guy there was great and had it sorted in about 15 minutes. Better still, he only charged me for the USB dongle that he used as a workaround (sum total of £10) and was really nice! Of course, when I got the PC home the keyboard decided it was going to play dead for 5 minutes but after a couple of restarts it seemed to remember how it was supposed to function!

Quite a frustrating and laborious day all in all, but I’m glad to have it working again! The Sims is one of those mindless guilty pleasures that we all have, be it watching your favourite cheesy soap or re-runs of The Big Bang theory – we all need ways to switch off. Hurrah for Wi-Fi, The Sims and great people. 🙂

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