Today I’m grateful for words!

Words, I hear you say? How can you be grateful for words? Well, I love words. And quotes. There is something just utterly delightful about a word like… scrumptious. You say it and you want to roll it around in your mouth, savour the way it feels. You can almost taste the cake or delicious morsel that you’re describing. Glacial is another one to which I’m partial. I went through a definite phase in my late teens where I took to describing anything even vaguely cold as glacial. “Can we turn the heating up? It’s glacial in my room.” The icy draught is palpable.

It would be difficult to pick just one word that I love or consider my favourite as they change over time as I collect new ones. I used to have 2 Word documents that I would habitually update – one with newly discovered words and the other full of quotes. I currently have a post-it on my cork board which lists three of my most recent acquisitions: Obsolesce (v. – to become obsolescent/obsolete), Oeuvre (n. – the body of work of a composer, painter etc) and Elucidate (n. – to make something clear/explain). I first heard the last word when listening to a recorded lecture and initially thought I’d misheard and that ‘illuminate’ had been spoken. But no, it returned later on and the word was in fact elucidate. For a few days after I found myself saying it quietly to myself at random intervals (when alone, I hasten to add) and trying it on for size. Delicious.

Today’s challenge for #RockYourHandwriting was your favourite word, so I went for my current fave, written in Stormy Grey Herbin ink with a Lamy Logo (fine nib). YUM.

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