Home Comforts

Today I’m grateful for home comforts!

Tuesday is a busy day for me. Piano first thing, followed by a spate of work before I leave for my lecture. A 40 minute drive, 2 hour lecture, and then I hit the library. Once my brain has run out of steam I meet a friend for tea, and then we go off to sign language in the evening. It’s a good day but I am always glad to come home and relax for a what’s left of the evening.

I’m a pyjama kind of girl. I like nothing more than coming home and getting cosy in my PJs, even if I’m going to be doing work for ages before bed. There’s something so welcome about changing into something super comfy, finding your slippers and making a cup of tea before you move on to the next phase of your day – whatever phase that might be! So today’s gratitude is one of those simple things in life that get overlooked… the joy of PJs and slippers! I have a really toasty pair that Mum bought me for Christmas. Look at all the colour! ❤

Hoping Tuesday has been good for you all too…

Day 2-1


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