Family Recipes

Today I’m grateful for famliy recipes!

My mum is an excellent cook. She’s also exceptionally modest and if you told her that she was a great cook, she’d say something like, ‘No – it’s just simple stuff really’. But let me assure you – if you’re fortunate enough to have one of her delicious Sunday dinners you’ll definitely want to come back for more. And the great thing about family meals at home #1 … there’s always plenty to go around!

I have a recipe notebook that I was bought the year I went to uni, and in each of the sections Mum wrote a few easy recipes for me to experiment with. I’ve always baked (having a generally sweet tooth) but never properly cooked until I left home. The notebook is 90% bits of paper just shoved in the relevant sections rather than recipes copied into the book, but many of them are meals that Mum has either concocted or perfected over the years.

This evening I made fish pie (I’m a pescatarian and my partner is a meat-eater, so fish is always a good middle ground) from Mum’s recipe. It was good but we’re lacking in small dishes for individual portions of meals like fish pie. Sometimes, when you make pies or lasagnes they have a tendency to fall apart and look less appetising when you dish them out onto a plate. Obviously this is a bit disappointing when you’ve tried your best to make it look scrumptious!

The best thing about tried and tested recipes is that you get all the tips – ‘easy on the syrup’ is written at the top of my favourite chocolate cake recipe (it sinks if you’re too heavy-handed), and most of Mum’s favourite recipes have something swapped out or added to make it just right. So hurrah for recipes and the family and friends who share them! If you fancy anything from the photo below, just holler out your requests. 🙂

Day 31 Blog

Also – doing a little happy dance here for getting through 31 days of blogging! It’s my longest blogging streak yet!


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