Land Rovers

Today I’m grateful for Land Rovers!

We’ve been out Green Laning today and have literally just got back (it’s 11.15pm as I type) so this is going to be super short and sweet!

It’s been a great day – we seem to have had weather from all four seasons! Sunshine and blue skies, rainbows, hail, snow, biting wind and chilly rain. Thanks to the wonders of the world’s best 4×4 – the Land Rover Defender (I am a huge Landy snob and, to me, the Defender is the only Landy worth having) – we have been lucky enough to explore some great new lanes and see some gorgeous views. We had lunch at the Elan Valley visitor centre and the dams from the reservoirs were just amazing! The water was hurtling down, spray going everywhere, the power of nature at its most terrifyingly beautiful.

I’ll leave you with a few photos in summary – hope you all had a great day. Lots of work for me tomorrow!


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