Cosy Evenings

Today I’m grateful for cosy evenings in!

Last night was a busy one so it’s been nice to just stay in and cosy up tonight. We treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway since it’s payday and have had a very lethargic evening! The film Cliffhanger is on (first time I’ve seen it – can’t say that I’ll be rushing to see it again) and I’ve had some mindless time on The Sims 4!

I had lunch with a friend this afternoon who I’ve not seen for ages and received my belated birthday presents from her and another lady I used to work with. The candle in today’s picture was from the latter and is currently burning away on top of the piano, making the living room smell good. I love candles but they’re tricky to photograph!

Looking forward to a day out adventuring in Wales tomorrow for another Green Laning trip – we’ve even got cakes left over from today to take, and the obligatory Pot Noodle! I hope you all have great weekends ahead of you, too.

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