My ‘Cello

Today I’m grateful for my ‘cello!

So, today was the day, guys. I got my beautiful ‘cello-baby out for the first time in months and apologised profusely for my absence. She was very forgiving and, fortunately, only slightly flat rather than way out of tune after the move. Phew.

My ‘cello is called Katharine, named after one of the main characters in The English Patient, one of my favourite films. Incidentally it has an excellent soundtrack by Gabriel Yared – definitely worth a listen. She was bought in Birmingham from Turner Violins (who have since moved to Nottingham) on an extremely rainy day in April. I tried out various different ones and my ears led me to her! She’s a Stentor Elysia, fitted with a bridge by Josef Teller and strings by Larsen and Spirocore. When I bought her it was the most money I’d ever spent in one go! The seller wasn’t 100% certain whether she was brand new or not – the bridge makes me think that she had perhaps been played before, as she didn’t sound like a brand-spanking new instrument! But hey, she’s lovely.

I settled myself down and tried to enforce a positive mindset – I can be terribly negative and self-deprecating when I’ve not played for ages and feel utterly useless. So I stuck with C and G major scales – easy peasy – and played them over and over for about 15-20 minutes, nice and slow… My fingers could really tell that I hadn’t played for yonks, but surprisingly I was more in tune than I expected. I then decided to have a little play of the first Minuet from Bach’s Suite no. 1, which I learned at the back end of 2011. My fingers remembered much more than I anticipated and it felt good to play!

Not wanting to push it, I left it there, but I am looking forward to trying to fit more opportunities to play into my week. Huzzah for ‘cello!

Day 27-1


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