Medicinal Port

Today I’m grateful for medicinal port!

I’m not much of a drinker, let me just put that out there right now! My drink of choice would be either Bacardi and coke, or Jack Daniels and coke… I hate wine with the exception of one particular kind of low-alcohol rosé and am genuinely not fussed whether I drink alcohol or not. I am usually the designated driver, put it that way! That said, I do enjoy a little port now and again…

Port is something I associate with celebrations – Christmas, birthdays etc. My parents enjoy a little port from time to time and will often buy each other a bottle at Christmas. This year they gave my partner a bottle and we had a glass or two this evening. I’m full of cold and he’s just getting over his, so we decided a little medicinal port-o wouldn’t do any harm! Mmm, that lovely cosy glow it makes in your throat is super yummy. We slept really badly last night – insomniacs unite – so we’re hoping our little tipple will help us with our slumber!

There was a glorious sunrise this morning which made my early departure time more bearable – I wished I had more time and my proper camera to take some decent photos, but alas, my little iPhone did it’s best! I had a good morning at uni and a fairly productive afternoon. I played piano for the first time in too long in readiness for my lesson tomorrow – sadly Chopin was not too beautiful tonight! I’ve made a new plan of action for the week and penned in some essential practice time. It makes me so cross that I let it slip! Anyway, onwards and upwards now the exams are out of the way…

I hope your week got off to a good start. Have some good vibes for Tuesday. ♥ I like Tuesdays…


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