Yummy Lunch

Today I’m grateful to have found somewhere yummy for lunch!

Mum and I took a trip to Birmingham, which was lovely and lots of fun. However, when we decided that we fancied something to eat everywhere was full. The queues were ridiculous! The last time my partner and I went to Birmingham they hadn’t opened the new Grand Central part of the shopping centre – I definitely don’t remember it being so insanely busy.

We finally settled on a place called ‘Eat’, which I’d not visited before. It seemed like a yummier version of Pret A Manger and although it wasn’t quite the restaurant we were banking on, it was delicious all the same. We’d nearly lost our sense of humour and really needed a sit down, so we were super glad when we decided to check it out and found it to be so nice. Definitely recommend it if you’re struggling to find somewhere!

Hope you have all had lovely Saturdays too.

Day 23 Blog


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