A Day Off

Today I’m grateful for a day off!

Today has been pretty nice. The first day of freedom post-exams and no guilty feelings of I-should-be-doing-work trailing me like a sad puppy. There are things I could be doing to prepare for next week, but after working so hard for what feels like forever I decided against it! Sunday will be my prep day.

I got my hair cut (hence the dodgy selfie – I hate selfies) which was super nice and it looked very pretty for about an hour, then the curls drooped and it was less bouncy. I’m the kind of person who generally comes out of the hairdresser and would like to go home and wash and re-style my hair as I would do it. It always looks very fancy when the hairdresser does it but it doesn’t feel quite me. Still, it was lovely to sit back and relax, have my hair washed (mmm) and then be mesmerised by the hairdresser as he did his magic. It’s fascinating the way they do so much by touch and feel. He rarely looks at my hair in the mirror but checks the evenness by how it feels. One of his assistants then spent forever blow drying it in layers with one of those cylindrical brushes that I’m afraid to use having got myself tangled too many times!

I came home, indulged in tea and biscuits, then just spent the rest of the day pottering around. I did some washing and cleaning that needed seeing to, read for a while, played The Sims 4 and just enjoyed not having an agenda! It felt good to pull down my revision plan and put it in the recycling! Whee!

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