Frosty Walks

Today I’m grateful for frosty walks!

It was a truly gorgeous day today! There had been a hard frost overnight and the grass was white and crisp outside. I waved my partner off to work and then retreated back to bed for 30 minutes of reading before I started my day properly. It felt good to be snuggled back under the duvet with the sun slowly making its way through the window!

Some hours later, after my morning yoga routine, the sun had moved around the house and was filling my work space with glorious light. I knuckled down to some revision, had lunch and then took myself off for a walk. As today was the last day before my final exam, my concentration wasn’t at its best and I thought some fresh air would wake my brain up!

I walked up the High Street to get some milk and a few other essentials – a novelty that I’m still not quite used to. I’ve never been able to walk to a shop in my life! The sky was a pristine, uninterrupted blue and everyone was togged up against the cold. On my way back home I bumped in to my piano teacher, who I hadn’t seen since before Christmas. It was nice to actually talk to someone during the day and we caught up on what we were up to, booked my piano lesson for next week and said our goodbyes. It was a happy and unexpected exchange and I returned home feeling refreshed.

After tomorrow I’ll have 3 days off before my final semester of uni starts. I can’t quite believe that it’s here and in a few short months I’ll have finished my course and have a degree. Scary biscuits!

My readership has taken a real dip lately so thank you if you’re reading this! I hope you’ve had a super day…

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