Harry Potter

Today I’m grateful for Harry Potter!

My unabashed Harry Potter fandom has just been let out of its cage, so get ready to feel the force of years of devotion!

Last night, I was truly knackered. My brain was so, so full and desperately in need of something warm and cosy and mindless to sit in front of. So what (or who) did I turn to? Harry. Of course. For me, returning to the wonderful world of Harry Potter is like returning to one of your favourite places on the planet. That place you’ve visited and would move to in your next breath. That über comfy sweatshirt that should have been binned years ago but it’s still in your drawer like a faithful companion. Sinking into a hot bath when all of your muscles ache after a hard day’s graft. That is what it feels like when I re-immerse myself into the world of Harry. I think there’s still a tiny, weeny little bit of me that hopes it’s true. I’m a fully grown adult addicted to a fictional wizarding world, and I’m not in the least bit ashamed of it.

The films, as I touched upon in my Alan Rickman post, are problematic for me. The problems come in the form of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, who are great people and have done great things since their HP days, but sadly just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to portraying two of my favourite literary figures. That being said, watching the films is just one of those things that I have to do on a yearly basis, usually having read all the books back to back and finding that the 3,407 pages just aren’t enough. However, my viewing is coming early this year and boy was the sweet relief of HP welcome to my overtired, overworked brain. Finally a world where I am knowledgable and competent. It’s such a shame that Harry Potter and its associated trivia has never come up at uni! I would definitely ace that assignment!

Once we get to the film of The Prisoner of Azkaban I can better cope with Harry and Hermione, and the last couple of films only get a few occasional twitches from me. Tonight it’s The Chamber of Secrets and, having had my second exam today I am looking forward to it. Fingers super crossed that some of what I wrote down will be of value! I definitely fluffed one of the listening questions – totally forgot the name of the piece and consequently couldn’t answer the question on it. Grr! Anyway, back to Harry… Let’s go and get that pesky snake.

Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be sunny so I might brave the outdoors and go for a morning run – wouldn’t that be radical?! Hope you’ve all had an excellent Tuesday.

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