All The Small Things

Today I’m grateful for all the small things!

Some days I’m grateful for the big things. Grand gestures, special kindnesses, a new discovery. Today I’m just grateful for all the little things that make a day good and precious in its own way.

The flowers I was given yesterday are now filling up the window in our living room, replacing the freesias that were on their way out. I’ve rescued the last remaining stems, interspersed them between the daffodils I bought when I got some for Mum, and popped the tiny baby buds into an old glass bottle that was dug up on the allotment years ago. They’ll give me a little burst of colour and fragrance as I’m working.

I’m grateful for the time I had today to spend with a friend who I hadn’t seen for about 18 months. She was having birthday tea and cake and had invited a number of people to join her, which was lovely. There were two children there too – one of them 6 months and the other 17 months – and it was adorable to see them interact with each other. The youngest wore a perpetually started expression and, having only just learnt to sit unaided, held his arms out wide to steady himself. The elder had a tiny tambourine and bashed it relentlessly against the floor, holding it out to everyone with a delighted smile upon her face.

I’m thankful for a yummy dinner of (veggie) sausages, mash, peas and onion gravy. A simple meal that shouts ‘childhood’ at me and makes me feel cosy inside on a winter’s evening. I feel fortunate to have someone kind, compassionate and funny to share my meals and days with. I am happy that Call the Midwife returns to BBC 1 tonight and that tomorrow I’ll have an uninterrupted day to revise in preparation for Tuesday’s exam, in which I desperately want to do well.

I’m grateful for warm coats, car heaters that work, boots that keep my feet dry. For warm baths, reading before bed, and the cold side of the pillow. It pleases me to see birds on the birdtable, ducks on the canal and beautiful blue skies.

I’m thankful, today, for all the small things that add up and make me smile. I hope something has made you smile today, too.


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