Unexpected Gifts

Today I’m grateful for unexpected gifts!

We’re back at my home #1 tonight for a delicious dinner and excellent company. My lovely Mum cooked paella followed by apple crumble or passion cake for pudding – so scrumptious. I’m currently exceptionally full and content (although a little miffed that I forgot my laptop to enable me to write this post – doing it on the iPad just isn’t the same!)

We bought Mum some daffodils and Dad a bottle of wine to say thanks for having us, especially since they have us around so often and always ensure that we are well fed and watered. It was a lovely surprise to find that they had bought me flowers too! Beautiful alstroemerias, which are not only pretty but also very long lasting so they’ll be good for a few weeks.

Dad and I popped to town as he was in need of a lightbulb to replace one that had blown, so I decided to go with him to get an extra lamp for our office that I had seen last week. I felt lucky indeed when he said that he would buy the lamp for me and sorted the right bulb too!

So two unexpected gifts in one day – aren’t I fortunate to have such fab parents?! ❤ Hoping that you have all had excellent Saturdays also.



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