Today I’m grateful for catch-ups!

It was my first exam today – the first exam I’ve taken since 2009! It felt pretty daunting and it was the one I was most apprehensive about, so I’m super glad to have it out of the way. 2 more to go…

I was surprised to see the remnants of snow on the way to university having not realised that snow was forecast. The mildness of December has most definitely given way to a January cold snap. The wind today was exceptionally icy and my ears were aching with the cold by the time I’d walked back to my car. Brrr! Supposedly we’re going to have snow all night, but we’ll have to see… The snow forecast locally never seems to be particularly accurate!

I texted a friend earlier in the week who also had an exam at the same time today, and we arranged to meet up for a ‘cheeky Costa’ once we’d both finished. It was an all round excellent idea because instead of leaving the room and dwelling on the how we’d performed, the things we’d remembered, stuff we’d forgotten etc., we both got to just sit and chat. After about 2 minutes all exam conversation was over and done with and we were on to normal stuff! The obligatory summary of our Christmases, what we did for New Year’s Eve, and all of the other things you don’t get to talk about when you don’t see each other in the flesh for a while. This particular friend is one of those awesome people you can meet up with having not seen them for a bit, and it’s as if you saw each other yesterday.

The benefit of this Costa is that it’s combined with a Blackwells bookshop, which makes for a pretty perfect-o combination. You luxuriate in hot chocolate (with hazelnut, if you please) and something cakey and naughty, then you go and nose through all the books and pick your hypothetical 3-for-2 about 4 times over. It turned out that the book I’m currently reading – Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín – was the first book she read in 2016. Because she’s also a movie buff she’s also seen the film starring the wonderful Saoirse Ronan. If you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce Saoirse’s name, it’s said ‘Sur-sha’ (rhymes with inertia). I came across this amusing interview in which she teaches the show’s host how to pronounce her name and various other Irish names. I loved her in Hanna and even though Atonement was kind of ruined for me by studying it for A Level, her performance in that was exceptionally good. I am eager to see her in Brooklyn when it comes out on DVD, too. Having seen her interviewed she seems the one of those great people you meet and instantly want to be friends with!

So, a pretty good day all in all. I hope you have had an equally positive Thursday, wherever you are!

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