Today I’m grateful for positivity!

This morning I received a good luck card from my parents that proclaimed, ‘You Are Awesome’ in beautiful gold print. It was 9.15am, I’d just had a great yoga session and then BAM, another shot of positivity through my letterbox! I hurried to open the envelope in excitement (because let’s face it – post that isn’t from your bank or insurance company is fun), and scattered my kitchen floor with sparkly flowers. When your day starts like that you feel like you can achieve anything.

So today I’m thankful for positivity and for the people that make you feel that way. My mum is great at making me feel calmer and more positive if I’m in a negative place. Likewise, my dad will always offer advice to try and improve the situation, particularly if I’m concerned about a presentation. Their belief in me and my brother is unwavering and absolute and, really, I couldn’t ask for more. They’ve always got my back.

Perhaps you’re less fortunate… Perhaps your relationship with your parents isn’t particularly strong, or you might be estranged or disconnected from your family. There are an abundance of possibilities and I know my own stories may differ considerably from your own. Hopefully, though, you have someone who is capable of lifting you when you’re down. Maybe that person is you! And that’s great!

I am extraordinarily lucky to have a handful of brilliant close friends who will help and support me in times of crisis or stress. My friendship group has always been fairly small, perhaps due to the diminution of my confidence as I progressed through secondary school, combined with the fact that I always felt a little bit different from my peers. Our likes and dislikes were different and, as I may have said before, I’ve always preferred the company of people older than myself. That said, I am grateful for each and every one of those friends. I know who will always turn up late, who’s going to be early, who to go for if I need advice on X, who will reply quickest when I need an answer fast… They know me inside out, too, and aren’t afraid of be honest. I think honesty is important in all relationships but it’s especially important to have friends that will tell you the truth, even if it might not be what you want to hear. Often they can see what you’re blind to.

I have been equally blessed with excellent mentors and teachers throughout my life who have helped me to believe in myself. When I was pondering a gap year during my final year of Sixth Form, my mentor didn’t react with horror when I told her with honesty that I just wasn’t ready. She was supportive, helped me decide what it was that I would do in that gap year, assisted me with my application. More recently, I visited lecturers last semester feeling panicked and demoralised, certain that I was getting stuff wrong or not doing enough. Each time, I left their office with a lighter heart and a renewed sense of purpose. The impossible had become a possibility, my anxiety had been eased through kindness and patience and positivity. That’s the kind of thing you can’t put a price on, or promise in university handbooks.

I’m now friends with many of the people who have taught me and they continue to be a source of inspiration years down the line. I keep in contact with the teacher who taught me when I was 8 and have seen her marry and have 3 children, nurturing them as she did me. She’s just one example of someone whose caring, inspirational, positive personality has stayed with me from a young age, and I feel incredibly fortunate that there are many others who have affected me equally.

The card I received this morning has been the source of a steady trickle of positivity throughout my day. I’d like to pass this along to you, whoever you are and wherever you’re reading this from. Please know, You Are Awesome, too.

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