Sunshine & Flowers

Today I’m grateful for sunshine and flowers!

It’s been a beautiful day here today – mostly blue sky and sunshine. I’ve been trying to revise but with the sun streaming through the window I’ve been restless, my mind butterfly-ing from one thing to another. It hasn’t been a total waste, I’ve spent time on score study for Sibelius’s 5th Symphony (movt. III) and Mahler’s 2nd Symphony (movt. III again), but I don’t have many written notes as concrete evidence for what I’ve achieved. Still, as I’ve been told today, having some rest and relaxation will make me more productive tomorrow. I’ll be taking a trip to uni to hand in an assignment but then I’ll return and carry on with my notes in readiness for my first exam on Thursday.

So today, my thanks go out to the sun! It sounds like a fairly abstract thing to be grateful for when written like that but after so much rain it’s such a relief to have some brightness. I enjoy the rain, don’t get me wrong. I was the kind of child who went out in the summer rain and wandered around the garden barefoot, enjoying the squish of wet grass, the sound of water dripping densely from leaf to leaf. I adore the way the world smells after a soaking, from dry tarmac after a downpour to the earthy scent of wet woodlands. I readily open the window a fraction to hear its passage to the ground and there are few things nicer than curling up with a book on a rainy day, occasionally glancing up to watch the raindrops chase each other down the panes.

Today, though, it was good to have some sunshine. I was warmed by it as it filtered through the window and I enjoyed its shadows falling across my desk. The flowers that I bought earlier in the week have been opening and I have been luxuriating in their delicious scent whenever I pass. Their petals shimmered today in the sunlight, looking very much as if they had been painted with a delicate stroke of fairy dust. Freesias and Lilies are my absolute favourites, both for their grace and perfection as well as their heavenly smell.

Day 10 II Blog

We planned to break up the day with a walk around lunch time, but after a slow start all round it  ended up being a bit later than expected! However, we were rewarded with the last of the sun as she sunk lower in the sky, leaving us with a chilly wind, lighter hearts, and a pinkness in our cheeks…

Day 10 I Blog

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope that you have all had an excellent Sunday. If it hasn’t been the best of days for you I send all good wishes for a more positive tomorrow.


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