Time Out

Today I’m grateful for time out!

It’s been a busy week this week with lots of revision in preparation for my upcoming exams. I’ve been sticking to the plan and working like a trooper, trying my best to recall and be able to articulate info. from 3 different modules. By Friday afternoon my brain felt 100% saturated and really in need of a rest. I allowed myself some time off, listening to Colm Tóibín’s Desert Island Discs. A friend posted about it on Facebook last week and someone else Tweeted about it, so I gave myself time to listen while packing our overnight bag for our Friday night stopover at home #1.

Today I took time out to go shopping with my lovely mum. When I was considering it earlier in the week I didn’t know whether I should stay at home and carry on with revision, but my brain was telling me that it really needed a break. I helped Mum with her weekly clean-through of the house and then we headed into town, both in need of a little retail therapy and some time to catch up.

I treated myself to Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín after his inspiring Desert Island Discs and bought a few other non-essentials! It was so nice to get out of the house and I was grateful to be able to spend the time with Mum. I knew that after her busy week at work it was good for her to get out, too, and it also stopped her doing job after job at home. It rained a lot in the afternoon (should have opted for the waterproof coat) but we didn’t let it stop our fun! She treated us to Starbucks to dry off, which was lovely. Mmm, hazelnut hot chocolate…

Mum dropped me off home (home #2) and my partner made us all a hot drink. He’d been writing reports all day (in spite of it being the first week back) and was in need of time out too! I was given the night off cooking and did some yoga while my partner made scrumptious curry. I was grateful for the chance to complete the next day of yoga camp after my busy start this morning!

After a lovely day off I feel re-engerised and ready for another full day of revision tomorrow. Bring it on, Sunday!

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