An Exercise in Happiness

Today I am grateful for an exercise in happiness!

I was reading my Calm book before bed last night and came across this lovely exercise which involved making a list of 10 people who make you feel happiest in your life.

Day 6 Blog I

It was an incredibly cathartic experience in many ways. Firstly, there was the process of considering the people who would appear on the list. This in itself created positivity and feelings of goodness, reflections on happy times and enjoyable conversations. Secondly, I either sent each person on my list a message wishing them a happy Wednesday, or sent good vibes in their direction. (This decision was based on time constraints, not preference or favour!)

I am trying to keep a diary each day in addition to my developing blogging habit and each evening I write down what made me feel calm, what made me feel grateful, and 3 highlights. Today, in addition to this, I carried out the above task and chose to take things a step further by explaining why these people brought happiness into my life. You may ask why – I don’t share my diary with others, and clearly I know why these people make me happy. However, it was the process of doing it that counted as it gave me the opportunity to concentrate only on the positives. (As is the aim with the diary headings – these are also suggested in the calm book. It also stops me falling into the trap of describing my day, which is often pretty dull and, in the past, has made me fail at writing on a daily basis.) Writing the list in my diary also let me be creative, and as today’s mantra from yoga camp was ‘I create’ it was entirely fitting!

I received replies to some of my messages and they were resoundingly positive, which built upon the foundations I had already created. I didn’t mind that I didn’t hear back from everyone as that wasn’t the point – again, it was the process that mattered.

Day 6 Blog II

Thank you for taking the time to read – perhaps you will take this idea and try and incorporate it into your week? If so, enjoy and be grateful for those wonderful people!


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