Today I’m grateful for yoga!

A friend recommended the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene to me last year and I can’t praise it highly enough. It’s like doing yoga with your best friend in the place of your choice. For me, it’s the living room since that’s the only room in our mini house actually big enough. If you’ve been put off by lousy yoga DVDs in the past (I’ve yet to find a decent one) but would still like to give yoga a go, then this may be the channel for you. It’s also nice if you feel a bit intimidated by the thought of going to a class with other people, or if your life is just too busy to commit to a certain time slot.

There are several other reasons why Yoga with Adriene is so great. Firstly, she has a 30 days of yoga programme to get you into the practice if you haven’t done yoga before. Second, she also has videos on individual poses, so if you really enjoy a certain pose or would like clarification or more time to ease yourself into it you can watch the video at your leisure. Third, she’s just genuinely awesome. One of those brilliant people you meet and instantly want to be friends with. Bit tricky since she’s all the way in Texas, but you know what I mean… She has a new series of videos called Yoga Camp that are appearing throughout January if you want to jump on the bandwagon.

I find that a day with yoga is always a better day than one without. If I go for a while without yoga I feel all scrunched up and in need of an iron out. I like to start my day with it, ease out the kinks of sleep and any niggles from whatever I’ve been doing the day before. Like many students (and non-students, in fact) I spend a lot of time at my desk, so my shoulders get tight, sometimes my lower back hurts from sitting badly and I’m just generally in need of a stretch. Usually, when I finish a yoga session I can feel my body gently tingling, all the energy whizzing around inside me. I frequently do yoga before a run (she even has a run warm-up video) and I find it really helps to stop me getting pain during or after my exercise. Before I found yoga I had run for about a year and kept encountering issues like knee pain or hip ache, but I find that with regular yoga sessions I am pain-free. Sometimes I’m achy, but aches aren’t quite the same as pains!

Adriene’s new Yoga Camp programme takes things deeper than before, teaching us not only about yoga and physical wellbeing but also about shaping a positive mentality. Looking after ourselves inside and out, being kind to and appreciative of our bodies. It’s so easy to stand in front of the mirror and only see what we don’t like – goodness knows how easily I fall into that trap. Adriene is introducing us to a daily mantra – day 1 is a general welcome but day 2 and onwards have phrases like ‘I accept’, ‘I trust’, ‘I am worthy’ and so on. It’s all about self-love and appreciating who we are in the current moment. What’s not to like?

Adriene also has a website and Twitter and Instagram accounts. If you feel so inclined, do go and see what she has to offer.

Day 5 Blog

Until tomorrow… over and out.


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