Summer Adventuring!

*Blows dust off blog*

Hey there folks! It’s been a busy few months with one thing and other – working, musical productions, being ill (not so great), my birthday funtimes, holidaying in Wales… Much going on! I’ve also become somewhat addicted to browsing Twitter and finding every bit of information I can about The Sims 4. Shamelessly excited for the launch early in September! The Create a Sim Demo came out the other day and I’ve been having heaps of fun creating sims. 🙂 Ultimate geek time.

Uni doesn’t start for me for about another month, which is rather lovely, but going forward I need to get a move on and do some practice before term starts. I had a good year and averaged a first overall, so I need to keep it up for year 2! Also on the dreaded job hunt – feeling quite depressed about my lack of funds so need to source some income from somewhere and do some work juggling!

Adieu for now.


2 thoughts on “Summer Adventuring!

  1. SIMS 4!!!!! I am so excited, I’ve been binging Sims 3 to get into the mood 😉 Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well, as well as the dreaded job hunt (I feel you there, sister!) but here’s hoping you snag something amazing that you can work around your all important Sims time!!


    1. Haha, I’m glad you are too!! I adore The Sims! Do you have the demo? What’s your Origin username? Just booting up TS3 as we speak. What date does TS4 release across the pond?

      The illness was really not great, but thankfully I am very much recovered now. 🙂 The job hunt…yea, hate it so much, especially as I don’t want to work weekends! But I might have to bite the bullet and just take whatever comes my way…

      Nice to hear from you. I’ve missed our wee chats! 😀


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