The Thirteenth Tale & Running Success

Yesterday’s happiness: Yesterday morning I began The Thirteenth Tale, a book I bought ages ago called Diane Setterfield, and this morning I finished it! It was that good. A really, truly creative plot which keeps you guessing and oh-so curious all the way through. Beautifully written with rich characters and lots of lovely vocabulary, both of which made me want to go away and write as well as read, which doesn’t happen to be often. When I wasn’t reading it, I wanted to be. I found myself not really able to settle at anything properly because half of my mind was inside the pages of the book. I cannot recommend it enough. 🙂

Today’s happiness: About 4 weeks ago I began a 9 week running programme/podcast called Couch to 5k by the NHS. I’ve never successfully been able to run, but friends of mine run and love it and I really wanted to get fitter and try and slim down a little. I was a bit naughty and skipped straight to week 2 – having tried running without any help for a week or so before the week 1 sounded a bit tame. The podcast is narrated by a woman named Laura, and as she has done the Couch to 5k herself I think she’s a good person to coach others through it – she gives you tips and encouragement and is surpassingly unpatronising. All good.

The music is a wee bit cheesy, but I can cope with that. Usually I don’t really listen as such because I’m thinking about breathing and things, but it’s definitely preferable to silence. Today I completed the first run in week 5 and ran for an overall total of 15 minutes, in 3 sets of 5 minutes separated with 3 minutes walking. As an asthmatic and someone who has resolutely turned her back on sport from a young age, it gives me a great sense of achievement! I do sometimes still have to push myself to go and do it, but generally I find myself hankering after my next run so that I can progress through the podcasts and get better. Often at the start of a new week I wonder, Am I really going to be able to do this? But somehow, I always do, and that’s really exciting!


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