Sunburn Stripes!

Weekend happiness: We went adventuring over the weekend and thanks to the cool breeze on Saturday we didn’t really realise we had got so burnt until we were inside again! Oops! I now have a very attractive sunburn vest and will be applying after-sun cream several times a day. 😛 We had a scrumptious time though and if the weather lasts (and it probably won’t, knowing England!) then we may take a trundle to the coast next weekend.

Today’s happiness: It’s hard not to be happy on a day like today! I think my sunflowers are just about ready to plant in the garden, and we have broad beans and courgettes and weeny baby green tomatoes coming, so that is more cause for happy! I think I’m going to spend the afternoon pottering in the garden and reading Harry Potter – I’ve nearly finished the last book. I’m getting my hanky ready!



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